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After having long experience as a professional, Alfredo Mas Torres, industrial engineer, created INGENIEROS EMETRES S.L.P. in July 1994, holds as its main objective to deliver engineering and consulting services in fields linked to the energy sector.

Among the services provided, Project Engineering Design(calculations, drawings and equipment specifications), Permitting management, Procurement and Project Management stand out. Our competitive advantage compared to most design firms in the sector is ownership independency from construction companies, assembly companies and manufacturers, avoiding this way any conflicts of interest during all the service delivery phases: Design, Procurement and Project Management.

Our customers’ portfolio of professional services for the last two years holds more than 150 customers and our annual turnover is up to €11 million.


To be an engineering services firm, with capacity to deliver high-added-value solutions in the energy sector and power installations, applying transparent, coherent and innovative processes to gain this goal.

To this purpose, we have a human team of more than 150 strongly-skilled professionals, committed to the targets involved in every assigned work.


To be seen as a firm that contributes to the development of our customers by delivering the best solutions in time and kind, and demanding for it maximum respect and ethical principles.

In an equal manner, IM-3 considers employees as an essential part to reach its milestones and, accordingly, team working is fostered, framed in a constant and agile collaboration.

The principal firm’s Values in the different areas of performance are based on offering the maximum guarantee in: