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Bolivia, 13/01/2017

Empresa Nacional de Electricidad of Bolivia (ENDE Corporación) has awarded the works of modeling in PLS CADD of the transmission line of 500 kV Santa Cruz – Chaco to Ingenieros Emetres in association with the Bolivarian Engineering Enerplus.

Said line will pass through the provinces of Andrés Ibáñez, Cordillera, Luis Calvo and Gran Chaco with a planned total length of about 430 km.

From a referential trace, a geological and geotechnical study of the ground, as well as the topographic survey using area’s LIDAR technology, the following main works will be developed:

-              Best route selection

-              Definition of vertexes

-              Plan and profile

-              Design and electric calculations (selection of conductor and guard wire, voltage level, insulation coordination, phases transposing, etc.).

-              Design and mechanic calculation (electric distances, structures outlines, arrows and voltages, load tree, structure calculation, etc.).

-              Design of foundations and civil works

-              Safety distance and right of way

-              Modeling in PLS-CADD- 

The long career and specialization level of IM3 in the design of transmission line as well as its experience in different regulations and geographical locations (Spain, Chile, and Peru) have been decisive to successfully accede to the development of the abovementioned works.


IM3 has obtained the ISO 50001:2011

IM3 has obtained the ISO 50001:2011

Barcelona, 13/09/2016

The INGENIEROS EMETRES Company has obtained the ISO 50001:2011 Certificate proving commitment and responsibility towards environmental management and Energy efficiency, complying with the requirements that the market is imposing, which are, key parts for companies strategic development.

Energy management and its efficiency, adheres to the Integrated Management System, which the company has implemented and which makes it one of the leading edge engineering companies in the electric sector, performing works through controlled procedures, with adequate security systems and means and with respect towards the environment, with the new addition of energy management efficiency.




Barcelona, 19/07/2016

Logos im3 _ evectra 


IM3, the reference multinational engineering company in the electric and energy sector, has acquired shares in the pioneer engineering and consulting company of electric mobility development projects, EVECTRA, with the purpose of promoting its business areas and increasing its expansion at an international level.


EVECTRA begins a new period with this new acquisition and reinforces IM3 with extensive knowledge in projects that adapt cities and its companies for electric vehicles. 


An strategic alliance is forged to successfully face the large scale projects that shall arise due to the evolution of electric vehicles in the following years.


@EVECTRA_ES                                                                          @IngenierosM3

www.evectra.es                                                                    www.ingenieros‐im3.com 





IBERDROLA, Ingeniería y Construcción, awards IM3 Support Engineering Services to Regularize the North and Western Lines due to the entry in force of the Third Transitional Provision of Royal Decree 337/2014, of May 9th, which approves the Regulation of Technical Conditions and Safety Guarantees in high voltage electrical facilities and their Complementary Technical Instructions ITC-RAT 01 to 23.                                                                                                     

The identified power lines are 92 sections located in Castile and León, Galicia, Asturias and Basque Country regions, with a total length of 877 Km. Most of them are at voltage levels 132 and 20 kV.                                             

The nature of works includes the following main disciplines: 

  • Conventional topography:
  • LIDAR Flight Campaign
  • Modeling with TOWER
  • Modeling with PLS-CADD
  • Electromechanical analysis of each line section
  • Elaboration of technical documentation 

Additionally to the large volume of affected facilities, it is important to highlight the technical specialization that means their development when verifying the technical fulfillment of each line according to the technical regulation in force the year of its commissioning.



Divison VI Solutions is born.

Barcelona, 01/02/2016

In February 2016, the iM3 management decided to clearly strengthen their commitment on mobility and the new technologies through the creation of a new division: Division VI, Solutions.

 filemaker apps

Since 2011, the R+D+i Department has been helping and promoting the continuous improvement of internal processes with an aim of reducing both the costs and the time invested in them. The software and chosen architecture are Cloud Computing based on FileMaker (Apple Inc.'s subsidiary), a solid software for DB design.

The results are: a productivity increase and a reduction of ineffective processes. Also, in line with our commitment with the environment, the number of travels has been reduced, and so has the consumption of paper.

During this period, Ingenieros Emetres SLP has been awarded the following:

2009 Certificado de innovación tecnológica (i) (Certificate of Technological Innovation), from the Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española, S.L (ACIE) for the project named “Design of Advanced Systems for the Management of Engineering and Consulting Works”.

2011 V Prize to the Best Business Practice 2013, thanks to the project “Cloud Computing, the Mobile Company”

For all these reasons, the R+D+i Department evolved into the new Division VI (Solutions), that will not only support the rest of the units in iM3, but will also make moves to pass our know-how to other sectors and companies. This is possible thanks to the experience of all our departments, which are crucial for the consulting process that will lead to the definition of the functions needed to develop a custom application that we will deliver to the end client.

The Solutions Division team is the following:

Manel Ramos – Technical Manager

Rafa Vargas-Machuca – R+D+i Manager
Eva Solà – Sytems Specialist