Im3 participating at Minería Digital 2024 congress in Santiago

Image: the authors of the technical presentation “IEC 61850-profile implementation for distributed, CPC and VPC digital substations, Daniel Sánchez Castán, Chief Executive Americas, César A. Hernández Ortiz, Smart Grids Director, and Jordi Manzano Ferrer, Project Manager and 61850 developer Europe Region.

The implementation of an IEC 61850 User Profile facilitates interoperability and reduces complexity, so the User holds the command of the projects, and their progress.

The initial design of an IEC 61850 User Profile also is reflected in the cost and deadlines of the specification, design, testing and assembly phases, as well as the maintenance, modernization and expansion of SAS in operation.

This technical work is based on the conclusions from two real use cases developed for the largest Transmission System Operator and the largest Electric Utility in South America.

There are digital SAS solutions that are more cost-efficient than conventional ones, for like-for-like (and higher) Quality of Service (QoS) levels. Attend the event to see the statistical approach and comparative investment cost numbers.

Place: Minería Digital, 11th International Congress on Automation, Robotics and Digitalization in Mining, Hotel Sheraton, Santiago, Chile.

Date:  Thursday, July 4th, 17h00 (Ballroom B, Session 14: Digital Transformation management and economic evaluation II)

For further information, please contact César A. Hernández (