BIM Engineering

We know that the BIM engineering methodology is already present in different sectors. In IM3 we are comfortable developing engineering for different disciplines in BIM and accompanying our clients in training, consulting or other needs that may require us, this based on the confidence that gives us more than five years developing BIM in infrastructure, industrial facilities, electrical substations and urban developments.

Tailored BIM workflows for our clients


From models and renderings, to 100% BIM engineering with integration of different platforms, not only for modelling, but also for design such as TEKLA, CYPE, budgets such as Presto, generation of equipment or specific structures such as Advanced Steel, Inventor, giving the BIM I all the value it deserves.

Integration of the different participant in the design process, especially the client.

One of the great potentials of the BIM methodology is collaboration. At IM3 we work with a CDE completely hosted in the cloud, which allows the different members of the project (designers, modellers, coordinators and client) to participate actively and in real time in the evolution of the project. Improving communication and shortening times throughout the design process.

From a Distribution Centre to a Metro Station

We have BIM experience in electrical, mechanical, hydro-sanitary, civil and architectural disciplines …. In installations such as railway infrastructures, high voltage and medium voltage electrical substations, charging stations for electric vehicles, renewable energy installations.