Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at IM3 is a promise to our employees, suppliers, costumers and the society around us.

IM3 provides services with a high level of technical quality and develops its projects in search of the greatest benefit to its client, always acting with professionalism, seeking continuous improvement and orienting the results as far as possible to the public interest and environmental sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility is an aspect that enhances IM3 and its brand, as well as a generator of trust and commitment of our employees, key aspects currently in a globalized environment.


Aware of the importance and dimension that Corporate Social Responsibility acquires in this new context, in May 2011 IM3 signed its letter of adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, ratifying its commitment to the 10 universal principles in areas related to human rights, labour, environment and corruption. This commitment is renewed every year and the report is written where the compliance and progress made is evidenced.

Commitment to people

IM3 is firmly committed to its strict occupational health, safety and risk prevention policy, which aims to prevent occupational accidents and improve the well-being at work of its professionals anywhere in the world. Through the communication and training plan disclosed on the Intranet, where occupational health recommendations are published.


The conciliation and equality plans have contributed to the professional development of IM3 employees and are an example of the company’s commitment to families.

Commitment to the social environment

Technical knowledge and management skills at the service of the cooperation challenges and social development.


The company is a major player in the development of society, whether by providing jobs, services or projects and through the transfer of technical knowledge, technology and management skills to the most disadvantaged environments on the planet.

Commitment to environmental sustainability and quality

IM3’s management establishes an integrated system of quality, environmental, safety and energy management, according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001 standards. IM3 works to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, applying a program of good environmental practices to save resources and manage waste appropriately. The environmental management system in place describes the organization’s commitment to reducing environmental impact.


Quality management for the achievement of excellence is IM3’s commitment to the customer. IM3’s commitment to quality management is translated into continuous improvement plans that are part of the strategic plans. IM3’s management understands quality as the appropriate management of all resources to achieve optimal results, and thus ensure the achievement of excellence in the provision of service to customers.

Commitment to innovation

Innovation as a basic pillar of the evolution of society. The evolution of society has been marked by a series of technological innovations, which have generated economic benefits for the innovators who commercialized them, but above all for society.


Innovation is the factor par excellence for creating sustainable competitive advantages. That is why the capacity for learning and innovation are a sure reserve to increase competitiveness, and to develop new products, services and processes that better meet customer needs.


At IM3 we have adopted a management model based on continuous training and the introduction of improvements in its processes, products and services, always based on our knowledge of customer’s needs.

WhistleBlowing Channel

Ingenieros Emetres is aware that the balanced performance of its professional responsibilities, based on regulatory compliance criteria, is essential for maintaining its current position and strengthening it for the future. These responsibilities are specified, in relation to corporate governance, in the constant search for excellence in the areas of transparency in the information provided to our clients, workers, suppliers, partners and business ethics in all decision-making processes. decisions.


In this line of regulatory compliance and business ethics, Ingenieros Emetres has a Code of Ethics for the people who are related to it. In the same way, it has implemented a Crime Prevention or Compliance Model that guarantees the commitment of the management of this company to avoid the danger of committing illegal actions.


Linked to the latter, the organization has an ethics channel (or complaints channel) so that our clients, suppliers and workers can inform the Ingenieros Emetres Compliance Body of any irregular conduct that may lead to the commission of any illegal act.


WhistleBlowing Channel

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