Industrial Electrical Engineering

In the area of SEP electrical studies of Im3, we give all the necessary support to our industrial electrical engineering clients for the achievement of their projects in a satisfactory way, all related to electrical studies for electrical power systems, from the design stage to its commissioning. Additionally, we provide all the necessary support and specialized advice as an electronic engineering company in the occurrence of particular events in their facilities.

Ingeniería eléctrica industrial



We carry out electrical studies from the preliminary stages of the projects, which allow us to carry out the process of access to the network before the control agencies. The above, mainly focused on:


  • Defining a preliminary overview for the sizing of electrical equipment.
  • Validate the connection point and, if required, propose connection alternatives that make the project development feasible.
  • Preliminary determination of possible overloads or restrictions that may occur in the system due to the project connection.
  • To comply with the requests of the control agencies.
Ingeniería eléctrica industrial

Studies for

facility design

We are able to develop studies for the design of electrical installations, for different voltage levels, based on local regulations and international standards (IEEE/IEC). This allows us to adequately guarantee the sizing and purchase of the required equipment.

Ingeniería eléctrica industrial



We perform specific electrical studies for the commissioning stage (PES) of the projects, complying with the requirements of the control authorities. With the development of these studies we confirm the capacities of the equipment acquired and in the process of installation, also, we validate that no negative impact is generated to the system with the commissioning of the project. In this way, we obtain the approval of the authorities for its proper connection.

Studies for event analysis of events in SEP

We have the necessary experience and the appropriate modeling and simulation tools to analyze and replicate with great accuracy particular events that may occur in electrical installations. This allows us to determine the root cause of the event, and propose mitigation measures to ensure the normal operation of the facilities.

Owner Engineering

in electrical studies

We have professionals with extensive experience in the development of electrical studies in different countries, which provides us with a wide accumulated experience for the execution of expert review engineering processes (counterpart) in the specialty of electrical studies. We are proud to be part of the review team of the Open Access department of the National Electric Coordinator, with whom we have developed hundreds of reviews satisfactorily.

Detailed electrical studies portfolio


  • Coordination study and adjustment of protections for LV, MV, HV, EHV.
  • Development of templates for relay parameterization.
  • Elaboration of settings for SSSC (Static Synchronous Series Compensator).
    Elaboration of
  • Comtrade files.

Events Analysis

  • Root Cause Analysis.
  • Event reconstruction.
  • Solution design.


  • Database development in PowerFactory.
  • Voltage unbalance studies.
  • Parameters studies.
  • Thermal limit studies.
  • Guard wire specification studies.
  • Power flow studies.
  • Short-circuit studies and verification of circuit breaker capacity.
  • Busbar capacity studies.
  • Transient stability studies.
  • Available Technical Capacity Studies.
  • PMGD studies.
  • Reactive power compensation studies.
  • TTCC magnetic saturation study.
  • Arc Flash studies.


  • Development of detailed models in ATP
  • Isolation coordination for Range 1 and Range 2.
  • Surge studies (temporary, maneuver and atmospheric discharges).
  • Secondary arc studies.
  • Harmonic analysis studies (IEEE 519 compliance).
  • Ferroresonance studies.
  • Transformer energization studies.
  • Surge arrester specification studies.
  • Grounding grid design studies.
  • Transient recovery voltage (TRV) studies.
  • Induction studies in pipelines.
  • Induction studies in grounding blades.