Today’s challenges require modern tools and
methodologies adapted to each challenge.

From im3 solutions, we create solutions that are fully adapted to a specific demand. We rely on technology and continuous innovation. We want to accompany you in the digital transformation of your company to achieve an improvement in efficiency and competitiveness.

Comprehensive approach to challenges

We use the resources, information and techniques of our departments. Thus, we define agile work methodologies, interdepartmental procedures, and parameterize flows to reduce costs.

One problem, one solution

At im3 we solve challenges in a customized and detailed way. Analysis for system integration and elimination of silos. Together with the customer, we standardize the data input in the company’s systems and optimize the processes.

360º Projects

We are committed to a global approach. This is the only way to obtain the most satisfactory performance and to establish the framework for maintenance, updating and support. We accompany our customers throughout the process and respond in a timely way.

In contrast to the traditional method, we have managed to reduce the time dedicated to data collection by 30% and 50% of the administrative and management work, in addition to making field and office resources independent by using geolocation systems and a real-time and delocalized visualization of the work.


We use supports that allow further savings in both economic and human resources, as well as time. Data collection in the field is done through mobile tablets that connect in real time with the office and servers to achieve an immediate update in the databases.

im3 solutions projects

CRM+ERP I software

for business management

Solution for the integral

maintenance of public lighting

Solution for quality control and maintenance

and maintenance of hotels