CRM+ERP and Software for business management






Burgos, España

Project Duration

2016 – 2023


Waterproofing, life lines and Covercare

Software Used


Web Page

An App to allow real-time

access to all the company’s key information 24 h a day


“We have reduced the time taken for employees to enter information by over 80% compared with the traditional paper method”

Norteña, a firm specialising in waterproofing the roofs of buildings, needed a solution to digitalise all its processes in order to save time. After extensive consulting, im3 developed a tool making it possible to access all the company’s key information 24 h.


Mobility was an essential point in this project, as both the operatives working in the field and the sales staff were in different places; thanks to this solution they can enter data on an iPad on-site to allow monitoring of their status and costs. Moreover, the app consists of several modules, CRM for commercial management of leads, generating and monitoring budgets, plus a powerful control panel to see the company’s position at a glance at any time. However, the most complex, innovative module is the one that monitors work orders for all employees, and helps to control the costs of different projects in real time.

In 2017 Norteña was a winner at that year’s FAE innovation awards, for its innovative management of work processes thanks to this custom app developed by im3 and its development department.. The software is a living system and improvements have been made over the years. In the year 2019 – 2021, improvements have been implemented to connect with other accounting platforms, sending newsletters or vehicle management, as well as marking control systems.

In Press

Norteña, chosen Best Company 4.0 in the seventh edition of the Digital Transformation Awards

CEPYME national award in the Digital Transformation category.

The Arandina Norteña company, awarded for its business management ‘software’

Norteña won the FAE Innovation award for its FileMaker app designed by iM3

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