40th anniversary of IM3


This year 2021, Ingenieros Emetres (IM3) celebrates its 40th anniversary and we want to share this event with all of you, Professionals, Suppliers and Clients who, throughout this journey, have accompanied us and continue to do so; a trip where the changes that both society and the market have been imposing have predominated, but always with the priority of improving the Quality of our services and the business Commitment to our clients, both values have been and are the engine and central axis that moves us.

IM3 was born in Barcelona in 1981 with a clear vocation for service and a spirit of growth.

In its first two decades of life, IM3 was consolidated, in Catalonia, as a reference engineering firm in the Electric Power Distribution sector and associated facilities.

With the beginning of the 21st century, IM3 begins its expansion at the national level, consolidates itself in the field of High Voltage and extends, until today, its engineering services to the rest of tertiary, industrial and urban facilities, adapting to new technologies up to become an integral engineering firm, capable of providing technical response to the needs of its clients.

During the second decade of the new century, the deployment of its business activities in Latin America began for IM3: Chile in 2011, Peru in 2014, Brazil in 2018 and Colombia in 2019.

All this would not have been possible if we had not had a human team with high technical capabilities, multidisciplinary, flexible, transversal and committed.

And the future? The future of IM3 is the present and the present is called Digital Transformation, a new challenge that will allow us to perfect our services by applying digital capabilities in each of the procedures, in order to improve the value provided to our Clients, and also allowing us to continue opening new markets.

Thank you all for these 40 years of trust! We continue working!

Alfredo Mas – Presidente           Oscar Mas – CEO