Cylindrical foundations for primary equipment


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The civil-structural engineering area of im3 Chile has developed and standardized the base memory for calculations of cylindrical foundations for foundation/structure/ primary-switchgear sets in high voltage electrical substations.

To comply with the demanding requirements of the Chilean earthquake-resistant regulations and the General Technical Specifications (Especificaciones Técnicas Generales ETGs in Spanish) for electrical transmission installations, and considering the physical and mechanical properties of soils, including their behaviour and stability, and their bearing capacity, as well as the work stresses that must support, the design includes the solution for determining the foundation elevation, the geometric relationships, the longitudinal and helical reinforcement, and the anchoring of the structure that supports the primary switchgear equipment.

These pile-type foundation designs comply with total reliability with the function of distributing the efforts of the structural elements that rest on it on the ground, and also offer the advantages of a safer construction process for workers, as well as simpler, economical and faster.

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