New Contract Award: Remodeling of public lighting and implementation of energy efficiency systems – Getafe”


Ingenieros Emetres, SLP, through its Urban Engineering department, is awarded the work to carry out the project of “Remodeling of public lighting and implementation of energy efficiency systems in the Getafe-Norte neighborhood” promoted by the Getafe City Council (Madrid-Spain).

It is intended to remodel the current public lighting installation to improve lighting levels using LED technology, with the consequent improvement in energy efficiency and consumption reduction, adaptation of the arrangement of trees, parking lots, new street design, etc.

Two differentiated areas are distinguished, which will be the object of differentiated actions within the same project:

         Zone-1 Rigoberta Menchú Ave. and adjacent streets: located between Rigoberta Menchú Ave.- Frida Khalo St. – Teresa de Calcuta Ave. – Federica Montseny Ave. (Villaverde Rd.).

         Zone-2 Ave. María Zambrano and adjacent streets: located between Juan Francés St. –  Federica Montseny Ave. (Villaverde Rd.) – Rosa Chacel Ave. –  Rosa Montero St.

The scope of the contract includes:

         Lighting studies.

         Testing and sampling of the existing canalizations.

         Design and justification of the new proposed luminaires.

         Design of the new electrical circuits.

         Implementation of a point-to-point remote management system.

         Legalization of the facilities.

The maximum budget for material execution is expected to be one million euros.

The project will contemplate the Sustainable Urbanism criteria:

         Environmental sustainability.

         Economic sustainability.

         Social sustainability.