Enel X Colombia has awarded a 36-month audit contract to the IM3-K2 consortium. The above-mentioned contract will require a team of 80 professionals and a fleet of 24 vehicles, one of them electric


IM3 Group has increased its turnover in Colombia with the recent award of a significant contract for auditing (inspection) for Enel X and the works it is carrying out in the field of public lighting . The inspection contract will mainly consist on the following:

  • Execution controls
  • Expost inspections (after construction)
  • Performance of destructive and specialised testing

This award increases the stability of the company in the country since, as usual in this type of “framework” contract, it will be extended by 2 + 1 years. In addition to an office structure of around 20 more people, it will require the recruitment of nearly 60 inspection professionals and approximately 24 vehicles for the operation (including the first electric vehicle to be incorporated into one of our contracts in the region).

Out of the three geographical areas in the city of Bogotá and its department (Cundinamarca) which were originally tendered, 2 areas have been awarded: Northern Area and Central Area, in addition to the HSEQ inspection lot.

The city of Bogotá lies at an astonishing 2,600 metres above sea level, populated with 7.5 million registered people, and the department of Cundinamarca surrounding the city of Bogotá has around 3 million additional citizens spread over different municipalities. In a quick calculation, Enel X trusts the IM3 group to ensure the quality of the lighting for 7.5 million inhabitants, with the award of these 2 areas.

IM3 offered a consortium with the local company K2 Ingeniería in this case, with whom we will share all of the efforts to achieve the materialisation of the contract in 30 days, as well as the responsibility included in the management of such an important human group.

For further information, please contact colombia@ingenieros-im3.com