Do not miss the opportunity to sign up for the conference “Green Pavements – Sustainability, Circularity and R&D in new construction materials”, with the participation of IM3


A round table chaired by top-level experts in terms of sustainable materials for road paving. This Wednesday, January 26, Green Pavements will conclude with good talks moderated by Fernando del Pozo, director of the Barcelona Pavement Maintenance contract, a collaborator from Ingenieros Emetres SLP (Im3).

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The following experts will be participating:

•         Guillem, CEO at BAC Engineering Consultancy Group and Co-director of the International Master in Circular Construction.

•         Alfredo Bobis, Head of Product Development Department at Sorigué.

•         Miguel Angel, Manager of HERCAL DIGGERS S.L.

•         Lorena, Head of Process Management and R&D at CHM Infraestructuras.

•         Josep Ramon Escur, Head of the AMSA asphalt area.

•         Nigel Bax, Innovation Coordinator at Sorigué.

And Pere Malgrat Bregolat, Head of the Urban Space Department of the Barcelona City Council, will lead the closing speech.

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