im3 Mining Solutions


im3 in Peru and Chile has participated in various projects for several of the main mining operations in both countries, directly contracted by two of the 5 largest mining multinationals, through their divisions associated with mining pits and EPC contractors.

Among the services developed we can highlight:

  • Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering of facilities in desalination plants.
  • Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering of a generation plant with tailings.
  • Conceptual and basic engineering of mobile substation.
  • Engineering review of high power medium voltage overhead lines.
  • Basic and detailed engineering, and technical assistance during the assembly phase of low and medium voltage rooms.
  • Electrical and asset management studies.
  • Basic and detailed engineering of photovoltaic plants from 4MW to 100 MW, associated with mining operations, including the interconnection of projects to national transmission systems.

We currently undertake substation and facility projects with the “Safety is in your Hands” philosophy to focus from the design and engineering phase on safety: a conscious purpose aimed at improving the safety of our clients’ workers and their construction/assembly, operation and maintenance contractor companies throughout the asset life cycle.

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