What are Electrical Distribution Studies?


Anyone, individual or company, who needs a new or expansion of electrical power supplies, must request it from the corresponding distribution company in their area.

It is at this moment that IM3 receives the order, and the Study team of the Distribution Division begins to analyze the request.

In the first place, a technical survey is carried out, to collect the necessary data and from there a technical study is carried out in which the necessary work is specified to adapt the existing network to the new supply request. This study, which the client receives electronically, includes:

·         Layout with the modification of the electrical network.

·         Budget with the amount that the applicant must pay to the company.

·         Particular specifications.

The Studies work team in figures:

·         It is made up of 73 people, including engineers, designers, and administrative staff.

·         The studies carried out have powers between 600 W and 80 MW.

·         IM3 produces an average of 150 studies per day, in Andalusia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia (all regions in Spain) or what is the same:

o    3,300 studies per month.

o   39,600 studies per year.

These results are possible day by day thanks to the work, commitment, and involvement of all the members of the Studies Team.