Thermal Study of GIS-Indoor 110/MT kV – 2×50 MVA (+2x50MVA) power substation


Im3 is working on the basic and details engineering in Chile of a GIS 110/MT kV – 2×50 MVA (+2x50MVA) substation project in an urban building, with power transformers designed to be cooled with Vegetable Oil, which is a 40% more expensive than mineral.

But Vegetable Oil has a higher flash point and the degradation of the copper insulation cellulose of its windings is 10 times slower, so its useful life is extended 10 times more. And the use of this oil is 100% degradable in case of spillage due to failure, so it is environmentally friendly.

As an additional scope of services, Im3 has developed a thermal study for the dissipation of energy generated by power transformers.

For the study, the finite element analysis was carried out using the FDS software that allows the simulation of coupled physical problems (electro-thermo-fluidic) starting from a finite element mesh of the cubicles with dimensions in layout: 4.80 meters x 7.00 meters and a height of 5.90 meters.

The results of the study showed that, according to the meteorological data, the building can work with the required conditions (temperature below 40ºC), through natural ventilation, with the grid surfaces proposed in the project.

This solution satisfies the maximum sustainability criteria, including the use of 100% degradable oil, the minimization of noise pollution and energy efficiency in auxiliary services associated with electricity transmission and distribution facilities, in this case not requiring the installation of Forced ventilation.

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