Im3 is awarded the works supervision for two transmission projects


The National Electrical Coordinator (CEN) of Chile designates im3 for the Technical Inspection of Works (ITO in Spanish) for the construction of the following transmission system expansion works, framed in Exempt Decree 418 of 2017:

  • Increase in transformation capacity at Longaví power substation, owned by Luz Parral (Chilquinta group)
  • Sectioning (LILO) in San Gregorio power substation, owned by CGE (Naturgy)

The works consist of the replacement of the 66/13.2 kV – 12.5 MVA  power transformer of the Longaví Substation with a 30 MVA equipment and the sectioning (LILO) of the 1×66 kV Cocharcas – Parral line in the current San.Gregorio Substation, with their respective line bays on the 66 kV busbar.

For any additional information, please contact Eduardo Mella (, Manager of Technical Inspection and Administration of Works of im3 in Chile.