IM3 plays a part in the most important metro line in Riyadh

In 2014 the city of Riyadh expanded its metro system sixfold, with 178 km of track and 85 new stations.

Im3 provided the best solutions, exploiting all the know-how it has built up over the years.

Im3 helps to create the final plan for Line 3, based on the following main parameters:


42 km of track, made up of 28 km of viaduct and the rest underground, with 23 stations and sheds at the ends, with the work carried out in the open. Moreover, the execution of the project required development of the 42 km of route affected, with widths varying from 30 to 80 m, depending on the section…


The consortium chosen to design and execute the work, through IDOM, relied on im3 in a final plan with the following scope:


Public and decorative lighting installations in the following areas:

  • Outdoor wheeled traffic areas: areas with 80 and 50 km/h speed limits depending on the section
  • Non-rail traffic areas in tunnels (under crossings)
  • Pedestrian areas at the sides
  • Special areas: roundabouts, viaduct columns and other major features
  • Markers and pylons


Electrical infrastructure to meet lighting needs.


Low and medium-voltage electrical infrastructure to meet the needs of the following facilities:


  • Facilities associated with pumping and distribution of water.
  • Tanks and pumps for the rainwater collection system.
  • Signage: primarily, variable information panels.
  • Illuminated markers and pylons or those requiring a power supply.