Construction plan and technical support in the phase of building infrastructures for a road tunnel

Im3 designs the infrastructures for a road tunnel in Huesca

Im3 draws up the final plan and provides technical support in the construction phase of the electrical infrastructures in the Caldearenas tunnel.

The infrastructures affected included:

  • Client’s medium-voltage infrastructures, from a 15 kV MV loop at the SET Monrepós substation.
  • Emergency power supply with generators and UPS.
  • General electrical infrastructures: fuse and distribution boxes, earth networks, cable ducting and conductors.
  • Ordinary lighting inside tunnel, evacuation gallery, connecting galleries and shaft heads.
  • Evacuation and emergency lighting
  • Power supply for ventilation system and associated control system (anemometers, opacimeters and gas sensors).
  • Power supply for fire detection and extinguishing system (detecting fires in tunnel, alarm control centre, fire extinguishers, hydrant network, pumping system and water supply).
  • Power supply for communications, signage, safety, security and control systems (radiating cable, public address system, SOS posts, variable information panels, cross-arrow systems, etc.).
  • Ancillary electrical installations in connecting galleries.
  • Ancillary electrical installations in technical rooms and control building.
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