Construction plan and on-site technical support for infrastructures in an urban road tunnel.

Im3 provides the construction plan and technical support for the infrastructures in the Benavides tunnel in Peru.

A one-way single-tube tunnel with two lanes, 840 metres long

The infrastructures included were:


Medium-voltage electrical cabling and transformer station.


Interior low-voltage electrical installations:


  • Electrical fuse and distribution boxes
  • Condenser batteries
  • Low-voltage lines and cables
  • Low-voltage lines and cables
  • Electrical cabling
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Earth network


Ordinary, emergency and evacuation lighting, including a system for monitoring light levels.


Fire detection and extinguishing system with Fibrolaser system in tunnel and detectors in technical rooms and evacuation galleries.

Ventilation and temperature control in rooms.


Fire fighting system:


  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrants and water distribution network.
  • Pumping system.
  • Storage tank.


Drain pump.


Access control.

Public address subsystem


GSM telephony subsystem replacing the one in the preliminary design (Radiocomunicación TETRA).

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