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Ingenieros Emetres expands Engineering Services to the Iberdrola group

The company I-DE REDES ELÉCTRICAS INTELIGENTES, S.A.U. is the Iberdrola group company that owns the network and carries out the activities of distribution and transmission of electrical energy


The Iberdrola group, together with the Enel group, share 70% of the electricity distribution in the Spanish territory.


Ingenieros Emetres, after 10 years of providing engineering services in the High Voltage network of the Iberdrola group, has expanded its services to be developed in the Medium and Low Voltage distribution network.


In July 2018, it began services in the distribution network of the Community of Madrid by signing a Framework Contract for a 4-year term.

In July 2020 I-DE REDES ELÉCTRICAS INTELIGENTES, S.A.U, found itself in need of network engineering services in the Castellón region. The technical and business strength of Ingenieros Emetres were key to trusting our company to carry out the start and development of these works in the middle of the national confinement scenario by COVID-19.

A new Framework Contract was signed in July 2022 for a period of 5 years for the complete management of the new projects of I-DE REDES ELÉCTRICAS INTELIGENTES, S.A.U., as well as Renovation, Repowering and Maintenance projects of existing lines throughout the Spanish territory.

Among the services included in the contract, we can highlight:


  • Preparation of previous feasibility reports
  • Project development
  • Permission management
  • Completion of Procedures
  • Construction Management and Safety Coordination
  • Network mapping