Land management and appraisal service

Land management and appraisal service

Ingenieros Emetres offers its clients a multidisciplinary team comprised of agronomists, agricultural technical engineers and attorneys with extensive experience in land management for the implementation of infrastructures throughout the peninsular national territory.

Among the works offered are, among others, the identification of owners, the study of legal documentation, the procurement of permits for the construction of infrastructures and land appraisals, both for individuals and companies, regardless of the purpose of these appraisals.


In Ingenieros Emetres we also prepare Field Reports and Price scales particularly for the procurement of friendly agreements with individuals and/or the management of expropriation files.


Ingenieros Emetres manages the land affected by the implementation of infrastructures throughout the process, from the study of graphic documentation to the occupation of the land for construction, fully managing expropriation files, when necessary, for which it provides qualified and experienced experts, as well as specialized attorneys who provide the necessary legal support.

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