New version ATLAN

The universal system tool for the digital substation

In April 2023 we presented the new version of the ATLAN system tool, which with its powerful graphic modeler and its new functionalities is currently the world standard for the specification and design of Digital Substation projects.

ATLAN allows working with the latest updated version of the standard, and all previous versions:

  • 1b (2007B4) – latest version of Edition 2 of the standard.
  • 2007B2 and 2007B – versions still in use.
  • 2007 3.0 /1.6 and Edition 1 – old versions.

The new features included in ATLAN are:

  • Improvement in the generation process of the scd file to optimize the size.
  • Verification of non-repetition of IP addresses.
  • Verification of non-repetition of the Multicast MAC addresses of the Goose and SVM messages.

ATLAN is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese for the four solutions:

  • Server, for work groups.
  • Stand-alone, for individual use.
  • Lite, for document generation.
  • Reader, for projects viewing.

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