Red Cross recognizes Ingenieros Emetres for their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

The value of companies

On June 29, IM3 attended the Act of Thanks to the companies that collaborate with the Red Cross, thus recognizing THE VALUE OF THE COMPANIES.

The event was held at the Headquarters of the Red Cross Catalonia (Spain) and was attended by Mr. Enric Vinaixa i Bonet, Labour Secretary of the Department of Business and Labour of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Mr. Josep Quitet, President of the Catalan Red Cross.

One of the recognized companies was IM3, which collaborates with the Red Cross in projects such as BASURALEZA, which includes SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal) 14 “Underwater Life” and 15 “Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems”.

The different parliaments highlighted the importance and need for business alliances with Humanitarian Organizations, such as the Red Cross, not only in moments of social and environmental emergency, but also in stable and day-to-day projects.

IM3 and all its collaborators will continue working to help achieve a better world.