Anniversary of Im3 Chile


On May 30, 2011, Ingenieros Emetres S.A., the branch of the Im3 group in Chile, with headquarters in Santiago, was incorporated.

We are currently more than 170 professionals, and we are considered in Chile as a Large Company by sales volume according to the SII classification system.

To be well organized, we have structured ourselves into 2 large business units:

·         Engineering

·         Works supervision and project management

We have focused on the electric power sector, mainly for distribution, transmission, and renewable generation projects, at voltage levels up to 500 kV. And we are constantly analyzing new opportunities and business models in all related activity sectors.

We care about safety and healthy living, our clients, their projects and dreams, the personal and professional growth of our team and their aspirations, technological innovations, and we have a firm purpose of providing solutions that have a favorable impact for the future generations.

From the headquarters in Santiago and all the work centers in which we are in Chile, we want to share with the entire group, collaborators, and clients our happiness for celebrating the 11th anniversary of the arrival of the Im3 brand in Chile. We are happy living and working in this country with a prosperous future!!!

Daniel Sanchez Castan

General Manager – Im3 Chile

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