E2 = BIM x 61850 x people4


Digital models based on BIM and 61850 information, multiplied by the human factor

The decade 2022, which in many forums is considered to be the decade of electricity technology, will see the widespread adoption of the digital standards BIM (for geometric modeling and material attributes) and 61850 (for the substation automation system SAS models)

The product possibilities of both BIM x 61850 information models open the door to a new era in the life cycle of substations and electrical networks, with unlimited options in a new paradigm that redraws and interrelates the stages of design, engineering, purchase, construction and assembly, commissioning, management, operation and maintenance.

The new engineering (E for engineering) for substation projects can be represented as the product of the BIM standards x 61850 and by the square of the main factor in the new era, the human potential for creative and collaborative development of new solutions, leveraged on the new digital platforms: E2 = B6p4

The key ingredients of the engineering of the future: people, talent, culture, values ​​and purpose!!!