International Water Week

Combining technologies for a more sustainable future!

On May 16, we celebrated the International Day of Light, which aims to maintain, promote and stimulate collaborations between leaders in the technological and scientific sectors of light.

In this World Water Week, we want to dedicate this post to initiatives that efficiently combine light technologies with water science to offer more sustainable solutions, among which we want to highlight:

  • Aqualuz, the solar system created by the Brazilian Anna Luísa Santos, when she was 15 years old, for the disinfection of water with a cost of 0.05 R$ for every 10 liters of treated water. Currently, 24-year-old Anna Luísa is making her Safe Drink Water For All (SDW for all) project viable for access to water and its sanitation in rural areas of Brazil.
  • Floating Photovoltaic, thanks to the collaboration between solar and hydraulic engineers, this type of installation continues to proliferate, taking advantage of minimum land occupation, greater energy efficiency, reduction of water evaporation in repositories and fewer civil works.

Let’s continue combining technologies, working collaboratively from the most diverse disciplines to achieve greater common goals.

Let’s celebrate the day of water from all its many angles, water management is one of the great challenges of humanity, from food security and health, to agriculture, technology, biodiversity and climate.

Im3, combining technologies for a more sustainable future!