We visited the trees planted 3 years ago

For the community, the environment and sustainability

On September 25, 2019, the IM3 Management (MT/BT) team coordinated, together with our Client Enel Dx and Authorities of the Municipality of Conchalí, a tree planting activity in vacant lots, for reconversion and delivery of public spaces to the community. The project was financed by Im3, within the framework of the contractual commitment acquired and finally developed in the urban space located at the confluence of the streets Monterrey with Bajo de Jiménez and Cardenal Caro with Gambino, Municipality of Conchalí, in the city of Santiago, Chile.

Trees of the Quillay and Jacarandá species were planted in the event, in the space set up for this purpose by the municipality of Conchalí, and participated representatives of the communal administration, as well as Enel, and from Im3: Waldemar Vargas, Marcelo Araya, Iván Quiroz and Daniel Sánchez.

The event was part of Im3’s environmental and social policy, which consists of reducing its carbon footprint and favouring the surrounding communities. Three years after the initial planting, we visited the place to testify the state of the specimens, positively surprising us with their growth in this period of time. Situation that made many of us happy, given that the trees planted there have survived the mobs of the social outbreak of 2019, after the Pandemic situation, suspension of various services (irrigation) and the drought itself that affected the Country. The condition of this rainy winter favoured and strengthened the growth of the trees. It is a pride for those of us who work at IM3, to have given life to a place that was previously discarded.

This example of planting and creating life in public spaces is worth replicating in all the countries where Im3 is present.

Im3, for a more sustainable urban engineering for the future!