FEDE 4.0


FEDE 4.0 is the Digital Electrotechnical Energy Forum 4.0, one of the most important forums of the year related to the future of the digitization of substations and electrical networks.

Every 2 weeks there will be an event with a luxury guest, different and live, expert engineers who will present the best solutions for the transformation of networks.

FEDE 4.0 begins next Thursday, May 6 at 9:00 am in Peru and Colombia, 10:00 am in Santiago, 11:00 am in Brazil and 4:00 pm in Spain, with the following topic “Implementation of precise time synchronization according to IEEE1588 PTPv2 in a entire country of AZ ”

The keynote speaker will be Alejandro Bevc who will share with us his experience with the implementation of the IEC 61.850 standard in the Uruguayan state utility UTE that is dedicated to the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power businesses.


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