New offices in Barcelona (Spain)


2020 was a year of change due to the pandemic. While the different governments took drastic measures such as confinement, companies had to address a new challenge: Teleworking.

In the middle of 2020, the decision was made to reform the Im3 headquarters in Barcelona, ​​to adapt it to the new reality, transforming it into a more open, functional office prepared for collaborative work. In this sense, the most significant changes have been:

·         Increase in the number of spaces to work as a team, going from one to four rooms.

·         Creation of hot-desk workstations (shared desks), allowing any worker to come to the office and sit at one of these tables. All workstations are prepared with power outlets and connection to the network.

The reform began in February 2021 and today it is already 100% operational. We show you some images.

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