Women’s day in Engineering


The Day of Women in Engineering has been celebrated since 2014, to highlight the role of women in a sector traditionally marked by being dominated by men.

The promoting organization was the Women’s Engineering Society, endorsed by UNESCO sponsorship, since 2016.

The need for this type of initiative is necessary, as can be seen in the attached statistics, where the % of women in the Science, Technology and Innovation sector appear, in the countries where IM3 is represented (Note: Countries with % 0: There are no statistical data in the UIS).

The statistical data have been extracted from http://uis.unesco.org/: UNESCO institute for statistics.

In conclusion, society must be responsible for promoting that, from an early age, girls and adolescents are motivated, fostering vocations in STEAM studies (Science / Technology / Engineering / Art / Mathematics), to ensure that women of the next generations have more presence and visibility in these areas.