Works Supervision at Alto Jahuel 110 kV and 220 kV power substation

Changeover of 110 kV coupler bay and 2×220 kV OHPL line circuit breakers

On January 26, our company Ingenieros Emetres S.A. has been selected by the National Electrical Coordinator (CEN), to accompany the Technical Work Supervision services in the projects of Group 06, together with the contractor company Pine and Transelec S.A., the owner of the facilities, corresponding to Decree No. 171:

➡ Coupler Bay Circuit Breaker Change in S/E Alto Jahuel 110 kV
➡ Circuit Breakers change of Alto Jahuel-Chena 2×220 kV Overhead Power Line in Alto Jahuel power substation

The works consist of the replacement of the existing J8 and J9 circuit breakers in the 220kV switchyard at Alto Jahuel power substation, one of the most important of the SIC Central Interconnected System, corresponding to the 2×220 kV Alto Jahuel – Chena overhead power line, with circuit breakers with a breaking capacity of at least 63 kA. In turn, the replacement of all associated equipment that is exceeded in its nominal characteristics is considered.

The project is located in Buin, a Chilean commune and city located to the south of the Metropolitan Region and the term for the execution of these projects is approximately 7 months, starting in mid-March 2023, with a team of 9 professionals.