The company SATT of the SAESA group awards a contract to im3 in Chile


Sociedad Austral de Transporte Troncal (SATT) of the SAESA group awards Technical Inspection of Works (ITO) services to im3 in May 2021.

The project consists of the expansion of the 220 kV ‘María Elena’ power substation in the context of connection of the 244 MW ‘Sol del Desierto’ photovoltaic project of Atlas Renewable Energy located in Chile, in the Antofagasta Region, in the Atacama desert, which will be executed by the EPCist Prodiel.

im3 already participated in 2014 as counterpart engineering and works inspection for the construction of the María Elena 220/22kV-1×70/80MVA transformer-sectionalizing power substation, contracted directly by SunEdison, the renewable developer that would later become the current Atlas Renewable Energy. This substation sections the 2×220 kV ‘Crucero-Lagunas’ transmission overhead power line.

The energy generated in the ‘Sol del Desierto’ photovoltaic project will be evacuated through a 33/220 kV power transformer substation and a 1.7 km interconnection overhead power line that will be connected to the ‘María Elena’ power substation.

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