We continue to advance as Technical Works Supervision


As Technical Works supervisors we continue to advance in IM3, in expansion of Nueva Valdivia 220 kV power substation project, owned by @Transelec, which consists of the following steps:

The first consists of the installation of a 220/23 kV, 60 MVA power transformer, with its respective connecting bays at both voltage levels, and the construction of a 23 kV switchyard with a busbar sized for at least 8 feeders and their underground outgoing. This stage contemplates leaving the space for a future second 23 kV busbar with the same characteristics.

The second stage consists of the construction of a 66 kV switchyard in a main and transfer busbars configuration, with space for at least 5 additional bays, the installation of a 220/66 kV, 60 MVA power transformer with their respective connection bays at both voltage levels, and the underground outgoing of a 66 kV line. The new transformation equipment cannot share the same bay in the 220 kV breaker-and-a-half switchyard, thus connecting through the incorporation of two additional half-bays.

The work carried out at the Nueva Valdivia power Substation is located more than 800 km south of the Metropolitan Region of Chile, in the Los Ríos Region with a rainy climate.

For more information, contact Eduardo Mella.