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The electrical industry has already adopted 61850 as the international standard for substation automation.


Unified information model

To ensure interoperability, it defines a unified information model for the description of IEDs, with specific data structures, and hierarchy levels:

  • Physical device (IP address)
    • Logical device (LD)
      • Logical Node (LN)
        • Data (objects) with Attributes and Values.

Common Communications Protocol

Defines three common communications protocols and functionality, which enable the full range of message transmission needs required in a substation:

  • Vertical Client/Server communications:
    • MMS (ISO 9506): between Gateways/SCADA and IEDs in the system.
  • Horizontal multicast sender/subscriber communications:
    • GOOSE: with message repetition and priority categories: low (0, 1, 2), medium (3, 4, 5), high (6) and critical (7) for event transmission between IEDs.
    • SV (Sampled Values): digitised voltage and current signals, for protection (4800 Hz) and quality measurement (14,400 Hz) functions according to IEC 61869-9, from MUs and NCITs to IEDs.

Setting requirements and adopting appropriate ‘technology’ standards

The 61850 standard sets the system performance requirements (low latency and high availability and accuracy) and uses other ‘technology’ standards for compliance:

  • High Speed and Wide Bandwidth Digital Network: Ethernet technology (IEEE 802.3)
  • High Availability/Low Latency: PRP and HSR redundancy protocols (IEC 62439-3)
  • High Accuracy of Time: PTP protocol (IEEE 1588v2)

Settings file formats SCL (Substation Configuration Description Language)

Establishes a configuration file format for equipment information and functions, and communication parameters, based on XML and a set of formats and tools to facilitate automation and configuration within the engineering process.

In the basic engineering stage, an SSD (System Specification Description) specification file is prepared with the description of the topology of the electrical system, the assignment of the Logical Nodes, the PICOMs (Piece of Information for COMmunication), and the functions required in it, without specifying specific equipment models.

Subsequently, when the manufacturers provide the ICD (IED Capabilities Description) files with the templates of the information models and capabilities of the real equipment, the SCD (Substation Configuration Description) file can be generated.

The SCD file contains the complete system configuration with the information models of real equipment. To complete the detailed engineering, external/internal wiring diagrams, component/material lists, and layout/wiring drawings are prepared.

ATLAN-SPEC is the tool developed by a strategic partner of Im3 for the computer-aided design of protection, automation and control (PAC) architectures with 61850 standard.

For further information, please contact the Im3 Communications Networks business area at 61850@im3.cl.


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