Power and data supply in a single business cable





IEEE 802.3af

Power and data supply in a single cable


Ethernet technology has the ability to not only transmit data as we all know and understand, but it also has the ability to constantly supply power to network devices such as switches, routers, telephones and any IP device. This is achieved through the “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) standard and its derivative versions.

PoE corresponds to the IEEE 802.3af standard, where its main features are the maximum power supply of 15.4 Watts and the detection of compatibility of the devices that are connected to the LAN network and regulate the power supply current required by the device.

There are also the derived standards PoE+ (IEEE 802.at) and PoE++ (IEEE 802.bt), which fulfil the same function, but deliver more power, with a maximum of 30 and 60-100 Watts respectively.

The use of the PoE standard allows the reduction of power cables in communication network installations and the availability of additional ports for the use of other functions.

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