Andes del Sur awards Im3 the works supervision of two projects


Image: aerial view of ‘Linares’ power substation

Andes del Sur Electricity Consortium awards Im3 Chile with the Technical Inspection of Works (TIW) services for the projects: ‘San Clemente’ power substation expansion works, and 1x66kV ‘TAP Linares Norte – Linares’ overhead line power capacity increase and expansion in ‘Linares’ power substation, this through decrees designated by the National Electric Coordinator.

OA34 EXPANSION IN ‘SAN CLEMENTE’ POWER SUBSTATION: will consist of increasing the capacity of the ‘San Clemente’ power substation, by replacing the current 66/13.8 kV-10 MVA power transformer with a 20 MVA-capacity one. In addition, the project considers the expansion of the medium voltage yard and the construction of two panels for future feeders.

OA35 CAPACITY INCREASE OF 1X66 KV ‘TAP LINARES NORTE – LINARES’ OVERHEAD LINE AND EXTENSION IN ‘LINARES’ POWER SUBSTATION: it will consist of increasing the capacity of the 1×66 kV ‘Tap Linares Norte – Linares’ overhead line of approximately 2.32 km in length, which currently has one conductor CU 1/0 AWG, by replacing the current conductor with one that allows a transmission capacity of at least 60 MVA at 35ºC with sun.

In addition, as part of this work, the replacement of the current transformers associated with the 1×66 kV ‘Tap Linares Norte – Linares’ overhead line panel in ‘Linares’ substation is considered. The project includes all the civil works and tasks necessary for the execution and commissioning of the new facilities, such as adjustments in the medium voltage yard, adjustments to the protections, SCADA, civil works, assembly, grounding mesh and tests and commissioning of the new equipment, among others.

The works to be carried out in the Chilean Maule Region (on land owned by Compañía General de Electricidad, CGE), between the communes of San Clemente and Linares, which are located more than 250 kilometers south of Santiago, will be carried out by Andes del Sur EPC contractor, within a period of approximately 10 months.

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