Connected with our work


The day to day of our work reality, the demands of our clients and our own, on many occasions prevent us from thinking about our personal growth.

Focusing your work routine on the same work area for several years, maximizes the risk of generating demotivation. If, internally, the company does not detect these changes, the greatest danger that exists, for the company, is that the person will seek new challenges in other companies.

What reasons lead a person to change employer? Acquisition of new knowledge, economic retribution, proximity to home, among others.

How to increase staff motivation? An important element is to foster interest in continuous training, in areas that may or may not be our comfort zone.

From these reflections, arises the need to launch e-Combi, a project in the design phase by the IM3 Digital Transformation Committee, which tries to promote the initiative and knowledge share within the company, interacting with projects or processes of other business units and/or divisions of the company, adding additional value to our daily work, therefore, increasing our motivation.

The objectives of e-Combi are:

  • Improve motivation and satisfaction.
  • Support workers to continue developing their skills and knowledge.
  • Share knowledge.

The project aims to be a reality in the short term, and we hope it will become a valuable tool for IM3 members.