Energy Storage Systems


The online Cigré seminar took place on 15 and 16 September with a participation of approximately 280 listeners from several countries. The main focus of the event was energy storage technologies applied to electric energy transfer systems, a topic which is becoming increasingly relevant due to the growing integration of renewable energies.

Energy generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar power depends on random weather conditions. This causes oscillations in the electrical system which may affect the reliability of the electric network operations.

Energy storage is one of the main alternatives to mitigate this problem and to maintain a robust and reliable electric system. However, an appropriate regulated system is required to promote and guarantee ‘technological neutrality’ so that all storage alternatives compete under the same conditions.

Very interesting and innovative projects were submitted such as compressed air storage plants, super-capacitor-based systems and battery energy storage systems – BESS, the latter being the most widespread technology, submitted by Marcelo Salinas, business manager of im3 in Latam.

Important panel members participated together with Marcelo Salinas, representing AES Gener, Engie, Transelec, ACERA, Siemens, Hitachi-ABB, the National Energy Commission, the Ministry of Energy, and prominent scholars of the main universities. im3 was the only attending engineering company.

For more information regarding the seminar, access the link or directly contact Marcelo Salinas. im3 is very interested in participating in energy storage systems projects, so we will gladly inform business managers concerning possible opportunities you may be aware of.

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