Internet Speeds by Country 2022



Broadband is the transmission of data through high-capacity wired media (mainly coaxial cable and fiber optics) while Mobile refers to the use of radio (3G, 4G, 5G), both used for fast connection to Internet.

In the Broadband 2022 speed ranking, Chile occupies the 1st position in the American continent and the 8th position in the world ranking, led by the Asian metropolises.

The other countries where Im3 is active occupy positions 14th (Spain), 44th (Brazil), 62nd (Colombia) and 74th (Peru).

Chile’s pending issue is to match its mobile telephony connection speed to that of broadband. With this ambitious goal, the country is rolling out its 5G network implementation plan. On April 7, the webinar “5G Network in Chile: Connectivity for the 21st century” took place. We attach a link to the recording of the event:

For more information, contact the Communications Networks business area of ​​Im3 RedCom.