The civil review of 571 MW of renewable projects in the hands of the civil-structual area of im3 Chile


Since the end of 2019, IM3 Chile has been working for Mainstream Renewable Power (MRP) as Owner’s Engineer, reviewing the construction engineering of the “Cóndor” portfolio that includes 4 renewable generation projects with added installed power of 571 MW, and with a project finance of US $ 580 million.

The civil-structural design area of ​​IM3 Chile, lead since July 2017 by the civil engineer Catalina Girbau, is reviewing the engineering of Balance of Plant (BOP) projects of the wind farms, which include the foundations of wind turbines, platforms for hoisting (of towers, gondolas, rotors and blades), pipes, substations, internal roads and access routes, and the complete engineering of the photovoltaic park: earthworks, trackers, pipes, inverter rooms, substation, internal roads and access routes, among others.

Catalina team is also developing all the detailed civil engineering for the Santa Isabel 408 MW photovoltaic park, a service contracted by the global solar contractor EPC Sterling & Wilson. The park’s investment value is US $ 600 million, the surface area is 700 hectares and the final client is the US-based multinational renewable generator SunPower.

The projects that make up the “Condor” portfolio are 3 wind farms (Tchamma 157 MW, Cerro Tigre 185 MW and Alena 84 MW) and one solar (Río Escondido 145 MW) located in the Antofagasta, Biobío and Atacama regions. The wind farms will be built by Sacyr Industrial and Elecnor, and the solar by Sterling & Wilson. The grid connection works will be carried out by Transelec, CGE, HMV and Siemens. And ABB will supply the four main transformers for the projects.

In the photo the IM3 Chile civil-structural area team, from left to right: Francisco Galleguillos, Francisca Jorquera, Eduardo Tabilo, Estefanía López, Carlos Aránguiz, Catalina Girbau, Felipe Bianchi, Abel Martínez, Sandra Zamorano, Francisca Ibáñez y Denis Navarro. Martha Quiroz and Arex Cabellos, engineer and architect members of the team, do not appear in the photo.