im3 is awarded the framework contract of Enel Perú for the development of LV/MV projects

Lima, 24 December 2018

On 30 November, Enel Distribución Perú S.A.A. awarded to im3 the bid of the framework contract “Engineering Service for the Development of MV/LV Projects and PAR and Civil Works”.

This is the second framework contract that Enel Distribución Perú awards to im3, which since 2017 provides the services of high voltage engineering in electrical substations and in high voltage power lines.

The im3 proposal for the service consists of the incorporation of technological improvements in the processes of information collection and land survey, as well as it involves the preparation of reports and projects.

This contract is very similar to the one that im3 has with Enel Brasil, for the distributor of the Italian company in the state of Goiás, where mobile device systems for land and efficient project management have already been implemented.

Im3 applications include a dashboard that allows real-time prioritisation of tasks, according to the statutory deadlines and the needs of the client’s operating units.

Within the 2019-2023 growth strategy of the im3 group for Latin America, it is foreseen that im3 Peru will be, jointly with Brazil and Chile, one of the three countries with the highest volume of business in the area.