Enel-Codensa awards its ambitious project on substation engineering and telecontrol system to the consortium Sistem Melesur and im3

Enel-Codensa is an electricity company currently leading the Colombian market with 3.4 million customers and a 24% of market share in the country. Enel-Codensa has more than 120 electrical substations and 72,510 kilometres of high, medium and low voltage networks in the territory of Bogotá, as well as in the rural area of Cundinamarca.


The consortium made up of im3 and Sistem Melesur Energía Colombia has been awarded with the corresponding contract for “Design Service of H/HV, HV/MV and MV/MV Substations and Telecontrol Services”, which is expected to last 3 years. This contract award entails the design, consulting and conceptual engineering, basic and detailed, for the new substations of High Voltage/High Voltage, High Voltage/Medium Voltage and Medium Voltage/Medium Voltage (11.4kV; 13.2 kV; 34.5kV ; 57.5 kV; 115 kV; 230 kV and 500 kV).


Additionally, the Consortium will also be responsible for the installation and the preventive and corrective maintenance of the remote-control system that a company as Enel-Codensa would require, through the integration of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).


It should be noted that the Consortium’s proposal includes very significant competitive advantages, whose improvements have been crucial when awarding the contract. In fact, it is important to highlight the designs of the new electrical substations in BIM (Building Information Modelling), a work methodology that goes far beyond the traditional design phases on the plane, because it allows the incorporation of geometric information (3D) as well as information in terms of time (4D), cost (5D), environment (6D), and maintenance (7D). Likewise, said consortium will carry out all the monitoring of the field work with cutting-edge georeferenced applications.


Finally, all this will be implemented bearing in mind the environment, with extra actions which will reduce the indiscriminate use of paper, among others. Work times will also be optimised with the help of mobility applications designed for this purpose.


With this alliance and award, the im3 Group continues to make a very satisfactory progress towards the growth strategy defined by the multinational for the upcoming years (2019-2023), with the aim of establishing itself as a benchmark in the sector in the key markets of Latin America.


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