Recognition of the Electrical Studies team of im3 Chile


Larry Orellana is the Head of the Electrical Studies Area of Im3 Chile, he joined the company in November 2013, adding more than 6 years in our engineering firm.

Larry is currently one of the leading Chilean engineers in the field of systemic studies, which are used to analyze the impact of incorporating new generation or consumption projects into interconnected electrical transmission systems.

The im3 Chile electrical studies team develops all types of analysis: power flows, short-circuit studies, transient stability in the face of different scenarios of system conditions and faults, insulation coordination, busbar capacity, protection coordination, among others, with DigSilent and ETAP software. They also design land systems with programs based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and, since last year, they have been developing TRV studies (with ATP software).

It must be understood that the resolution of three-phase alternating current electrical systems in steady state (with constant frequency and effective values) is solved simply by applying mainly Ohm’s, Watt’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws.

However, in transient regime where the frequency and electrical magnitudes vary with time, the electrical circuits are solved from systems of differential equations.

For the above, Optimization & Simulation programs called EMTP (electro-magnetic transient programs) of numerical calculation are used, based on the trapezoidal integration method.

Infotechnical services also depend on the Larry area, to complete the information requirements of the transmission facilities by the owner, which in Chile are specified in the Technical Information Form (FIT) and Minimum Requirements Form (FEM). ), and for those existing facilities that must regularize their delivery of information to the authorities.

Great challenges are coming to the area, so we are prepared with a great team of professionals.

Thank you very much Camilo Zambra, thank you very much Fernanda (you have been with us for 5 and a half years), thank you very much Larry!

We also thank the engineers Felipe Díaz, Elías Soto, Camilo Caro, Cesar Palma and Benjamín Ramos (see attached photo)

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