Sustainable cooling and ventilation technologies – part III


Within this week dedicated to sustainable ventilation and cooling technologies, at Im3 we want to refer to the need for efficient and safe ventilation systems to:

 • Maintain a suitable ambient temperature for the operation of electrical and electronic equipment in technical rooms.

 • Create states of overpressure in emergency exits from closed spaces, mainly in tunnels and underground facilities, to allow the evacuation of people through the emergency exits in case of fire.

 One of the great projects in which Im3 participated in the projects design and in the technical assistance in the construction phase for this type of installation, was working for the Consortia of companies awarded the different sections of this mega-work of the Line 9 and Line 10 of the Barcelona Metro, such as UTE Gorg, UTE Sagrera L4 FMB, UTE Estacions L9 Besos, UTE Estacions L9 Llobregat, UTE Estacions Aeroport L9, between 2008 and 2013.

 The scope of the works included the stations, shafts and tunnel of Section I, IVa, IVb and Section IVc, including 20 stations with their associated tunnel sections, ventilation shafts and emergency exits.

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