Sustainable Development Week


Ingenieros Emetres, in recent years has participated and developed several project designs and/or Construction Management related to the sustainable development of cities, among which the following stand out:

·         Plan for the use of roofs and terraces of public buildings and other public spaces in the city of Barcelona (Spain), for the capture of energy through the installation of photovoltaic plants.

·         Renovation of public lighting in the streets of different cities in the province of Barcelona (Spain), among others: Hospitalet del Llobregat, Sant Pere de Ribes, Olèrdola, Sant Pere Pescador, Parets del Vallés. Applying new LED lighting technologies with maximum energy efficiency.

·         New public electric bicycle system in the city of Barcelona (Spain), with more than 500 charging stations.

·         Electric chargers for the new fleets of electric buses in the city of Barcelona.

·         Electric chargers for private vehicles, located in public access car parks in restaurants, hotels, public streets and spaces, shopping centers, in different cities in Spain.

·         Sustainable paving, heat island effect reducer, noise pollution reducer, greater light reflectance, in c/Torrent de l’Olla in Barcelona (Spain).

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