Today we celebrate Engineer’s Day in Peru!


In terms of electrical engineering, which we deal with at #im3, the evolution of technology in Peru has gone hand in hand with the rest of the world.

Here are some milestones:

➡ 1857: first gas lighting in downtown Lima.

➡ 1885: the first power generation and transmission company, ETFE (Empresa Transmisora de Fuerza Eléctrica = Electric Power Transmitter Company) was installed with a plant on the banks of the Rímac river, carrying out the first electrical transmission on August 6, 1885 at 11 in the morning.

➡ 1886: the first electric lighting in Lima’s Plaza de Armas, generated from a 500 HP steam plant, installed a few meters from the old Neptune Park.

➡ 1902: the general public service was inaugurated to cover the demand of 115,000 inhabitants of the center of Lima.

Today, universal electrification continues to be a challenge, to which from #im3 we contribute our knowledge and experience with a team of more than 30 professionals in Lima, who strive daily to improve the lives of all Peruvians, with an eye on the Bicentennial as a nation.

Let’s toast to this Day of the Peruvian Engineer, fighting to contribute the rest of the days of the year our ingenuity and work to society!