World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21


With the turn of the century, in just a few years the energy sector has become one of the most innovative, creative, and dynamic industries, leading the process of transition towards sustainability.

 Many experts are already labeling the 2020-2030 decade as the new decade of electricity, with the corresponding expansion of this type of energy as the main driving force.

Today, World Creativity and Innovation Day, we want to highlight the following 6 innovations and paradigm shifts that are revolutionizing the energy sector in recent years:

• Modularity and interoperability of technologies and protocols, which allow the implementation of projects with equipment from different manufacturers, open access and the expandability of facilities.

• Market segmentation in generation, transmission, distribution, and commercialization allowing the actors to focus on renewable and efficient generation; the robustness, continuity and quality of the electricity supply; and customer service and support.

• Storage systems with high energy density, allowing better systems for network stability, and autonomy of land, sea, and air vehicles.

• Digitization of networks, thanks to the enabling standards IEC 61.850, 62.439-3 (PRP – HSR) and IEEE 1588 (PTP), among others, which allow digital communication with high connectivity, low latency, and precise time stamping, opening the digital networks to new possibilities of automation of substations, response to incidents in the networks, and intelligent management of consumption.

• Competitiveness of renewable generation sources and models of hybridization, distributed generation, and complementarity with green hydrogen.

• Digital twins of facilities and networks because of the intelligent evolution of BIM and GIS platforms, and HIL emulators.

Im3, engineering for a more creative and innovative future!!!