ISA engineers successfully complete Smart 61850 Module III!

18 smart digital experts from ISA from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru in Medellín

Image, from left to right: Nelson Padilla, Jaime Echavarría, Jorge Ganoza, Francisco Saldarriaga, Carlos Tapia, Luisa Ramirez, Juan Carlos Olaya, Carlos Samitier, Daniel Barbin, Luis Eduardo Chalarca, Julio Cesar Patiño, Adán Ramos, Juan Fernando Arroyave, Eric Fernando Dini,  Carlos Alberto Restrepo y Jose Andres Toro.

Also attended the training, but not pictured: Santiago Cadavid, Thiago Alamino and William Cadavid.

The objective of the Smart 61850 Training Program is to nurture the best experts in Digital Substations of methodologies and tools that take advantage of all the advantages of the standard for the IEC 61850 Digital Substation Specification and Engineering.

Last week, 18 brilliant Digital Substations experts from ISA from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru successfully completed the Module III of the Program, which was taught in person in Medellín (Colombia), at ISA’s international headquarters, by engineer Carlos Samitier (CEO of Smart 61850, Im3 group).

Module III (digital substation implementation) focuses on practical aspects of IEC 61850 digital substation specification and engineering and the complete Program consists of 4 one-week modules. To request more information, send an email to

Be Smart using IEC 61850!

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