The piece that completes the puzzle..

ATLAN for 61850 Digital Substations with mining profile

Digital substations are the new paradigm in electrical power systems, for generation, transmission, domestic/commercial consumption facilities and large industries.

ATLAN-Mining is a dedicated version of the common universal system tool for digital modelling of Substation Automation Systems (SAS) according to the IEC 61850 standard and associated enabling technologies.

Mining processes require robustness against extreme conditions, at the same time that they require levels of continuity and reliability that are higher than conventional networks.

ATLAN-Mining is oriented to guarantee that the substations provide these demanding requirements, incorporating all the advantages of the latest version of the second edition of the standard (2007 B4), favouring the testing processes and early detection of failures:

  • Activation of supervision functions (family logical nodes of system L)
  • More precise specification for Test mode.
  • More test cases, going from 231 (Ed1) to 330.
  • Activation of S-series logical nodes for asset management and condition monitoring.
  • Parameterization of Objects involved in the testing and maintenance processes, and configuration of specific maintenance messages.

ATLAN-Mining provides the digital model of the functions and communications of the Digital Substation Automation System, compatible with BIM geometric-material model platforms by means of dual objects mapped in both environments.

With ATLAN-Mining, the puzzle of digitalization of mining systems is completed.

Be Smart using IEC 61850!!